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Falken Tire
Falken Tires Falken Tire Corporation, best known for there Ultra High Performance Radials, is a subsidiary of The Ohtsu Tire and Rubber Company Limited of Osaka, Japan. Falken Tires is dedicated to providing value in the Falken Ultra High Performance Tire brand through a sustained commitment to advanced technological achievements, innovative products, a heightened level of environmental consciousness and the belief that sound business practices lead to successful partners. Choose your style of Falken Tire below.
Visa Tire

ZIEX ZE-512 style tires
ziex ze-512 tire
$68.00 - $116.00 $45.00 - $161.00
Visa Tire Falken Tire ZIEX 512
GRB FK-451 style tires FK-451
GRB FK-451 tire
ZIEX S/TZ01 style tires
ziex s/tz01 tire
$77.00 - $291.00 $102.00 - $263.00
Falken Tire GRB FK-451 Falken Tire ZIEX S/TZ01
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