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Eurolite Replacement Headlight Bulbs

Eurolite replacement headlight bulbs are the perfect upgrade for your stock headlights.  These bulbs add a euro-style look to any vehicle and create a more intense light that improves driving visibility without adding additional strain to your vehicle's electrical system.  Eurolite bulbs are available in two styles: Xenon Fusion and Xenon Super Plasma.  The Xenon Fusion bulbs create a bright white beam with a hint of blue.  The street legal Xenon Super Plasma blubs create a pure bright white beam that is closer to the intensity of natural sunlight.

H4SB - Xenon Fusion Bulb
H4DP - Xenon Super Plasma Bulb
9004SB - Xenon Fusion Bulb
9004DP - Xenon Super Plasma Bulb
9005SB - Xenon Fusion Bulb
9005DP - Xenon Super Plasma Bulb
9006SB - Xenon Fusion Bulb
9006DP - Xenon Super Plasma Bulb
9007SB - Xenon Fusion Bulb
9007DP - Xenon Super Plasma Bulb
H7SB - Xenon Fusion Bulb
H7DP - Xenon Super Plasma Bulb

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